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Intelli-Pump Battery Back Up

Intelli-Pump Flow Rate

The Intelli-Pump battery back up sump pump will be sure to keep your basement or crawl space dry when your main pump malfunctions, or if the power goes out. When does the problem usually go out the most? The answer is during storms. This is when you need to protect the area under your home the most so that it doesn't get ruined by flooding or excessive moisture and humidity that your basement dehumidifier cannot clear alone. When your main pump stops working, this battery backup sump pump will go straight to work and pick up where the other waterproofing system left off.

This means that you don't have to worry about hitting any switches or buttons on your own to get the backup sump pump activated. It's all automatic. When you don't have any kind of plan B system in place, your basement or crawl space could quickly get filled with moisture. This is bad news for any homeowner because this water could do serious damage to your wooden support beams, floor joists, or to anything you may have stored below your home. This moisture can also lead to mold and bacteria growth, which could make your family really sick and force you to have the mold removed from your home.

Intelli-Pump Battery Back Up System

About Intelli-Pump

Intelli-pump is a battery back up sump pump which will help to protect your basement or crawl space from getting flooded or damaged by excess water and humidity. This back up features a microprocessor controller which checks for AC power and the status of the battery. It self-tests for float and 12V pump operation every two weeks. Guaranteed, this sump pump systems combined with our reliable NoWater waterproofing system is going to keep the space below your home dry, safe, and healthy.

Benefits of Intelli-Pump Sump Pump

Finished Basement Installed With An Intelli-Pump

Below are the benefits of the Intelli-Pump sump pump:

  • Keep your basement or crawl space dry in case the main pump stops working
  • Automatically switches on by itself
  • You can program up to 3 phone numbers in the dialer - your cell phone, your work phone, and The Basement Doctor
  • Dialer notification will alert you if there's a problem
  • Smart Charging Technology gets rid of surface charge and brings battery back to optimal levels
  • Use any deep cycle 12V battery, wet cell (SLA) or maintenance free (battery not included)
  • Includes connection port for 3rd party security system notification
  • Powerful DC pump moves up to 3300 GPH @ 0 feet

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